Our Partners

All Great Compassion partners are independent, nonprofit small pet rescues and sanctuaries.

Little Critter Crew

Little Critter Crew is a foster-based small animal rescue. They specialize in rescuing small pets including chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rabbits, rats and sugar gliders.

Little Critter Crew Website / Little Critter Crew Facebook

Jade Rabbit Small Animal Rescue

Jade Rabbit Small Animal Rescue is a small-scale rabbit rescue located in Albany, Oregon. It's aim is to rescue neglected, abandoned, or surrendered rabbits with the goal to rehabilitate them and place them in loving forever homes.

Jade Rabbit SAR Website / Jade Rabbit SAR Facebook

Lala's Playhouse + Rescue

Lala's Playhouse + Rescue is a volunteer run, no-kill, foster-home based rescue serving western Washington State. Their mission is to advocate and provide a safe haven for animals that are abandoned, abused, or neglected. Lala's operates to encourage adoption rather than support breeding mills.

Lala's Playhouse Website / Lala's Playhouse Facebook

Blossoming Souls Rat Rescue

Blossoming Souls is an independent rat rescue. They aim to rehabilitate rats from bad/neglectful situations, watching them bloom as they learn what love and compassion are.

Blossoming Souls Rat Rescue on Facebook

Additional Partners Coming Soon!